What Sets Our Wristlets Apart?

Our Keychain wristlets are our #1 best sellers! They're sturdy, sleek, and stylish. What more could you ask for? They're perfect for you if you're always on the go, throwing your keys in your purse, diaper bag, or gym bag and shuffling through to find them! Not only are they extremely convenient, they're durable and sleek! You don't need to worry about getting a lanyard wrapped around everything and causing a tangled mess in your bag. They're also durable enough to attach a cash/card holder, ID holder, and coin purse on top of all of your keys!


Not only are they super practical, they offer you a bit of style and personality to something they is otherwise boring. A lot of attention goes into each and every detail in the design process. I start by selecting a printed faux/vegan leather, then I pair it with a coordinating lining. I make sure the lining material is something that will feel soft and comfortable on your wrist- these materials include faux suede, crushed velvet, or soft pebbled vegan leather. This also ensures there isn't anything that will snag your clothes or your bag linings. The last two things are to pick either a matching or coordinating thread, and decide between silver or gold hardware.


The assembly process is one of my trade secrets, but I can assure you that the same amount of attention to detail goes into the of making of our faux leather wristlet keychains that goes into the design process. 


I hope you find one that you love! They also make great gifts and even stocking stuffers!



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